Great Friends on 
Great Roads

West Coast Mini Car Club is a fun group of MINI enthusiasts. We are not trying to become the largest MINI club in Southern California. Instead, we are focused on being the friendliest and safest club. On a monthly basis we go on drives on fun roads that usually culminate in a lunch or dinner. A few times a year we get together for purely social events but our main focus is on having fun driving. If you enjoy driving, this is the club for you. WCM is proud of our focus on safety while still stretching our driving abilities. Each member is responsible for their own safety and the safety of the car in front of them. We never leave anyone behind on a run. The leader on each run has support of several people in the group to stay informed. If the group gets too far separated the leader will stop to regroup. There are many levels of driving skill in the group but we all have a good time.